Rory Fitzpatrick comes up short

“The guardians of the great game of hockey can rest easier today, secure in the knowledge that the menacing shadow of Rory Fitzpatrick, a vulgar commoner, hangs no longer over the NHL’s royal all-star festival,” writes Ken Fidlin in the EDMONTON SUN.

Vote for Rory

The reason for the sarcasm was that the Vancouver Canucks journeyman defenseman Fitzpatrick almost cracked the lineup for the Western Conference because of a wild Internet campaign started by his frequent appearances on the site to get him in for the Jan. 24 exhibition that folks may or may not see on the Versus Channel.

Fitzpatrick, whose popularity somehow soared enough to where he got a Wikipedia entry, finished with 550,177 votes, a record for a write-in, but was behind starters Scott Niedermayer of Anaheim (591,657) and Nicklas Lidstrom of Detroit (573,069).

Reports are that complete rosters for the 2007 all-star game will be filled out by the NHL’s hockey operations department in conjunction with GMs and will be announced Saturday on CBC during Hockey Day In Canada. Is there hope Fitz will be added as a sub? Let the campaigning begin. Again.