Ron Zook Takes Fans Kicking And Screaming Out To The Ballgame At Wrigley Field

THE ZOOKER ROCKS WRIGLEY FIELD (PLUS HE SANG TOO!): In an effort to revive reinvigorate his base in Chicago, our favorite football coach, thanks to DEADSPIN, Ron Zook, sang “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at Wrigley Saturday:

Ron Zook

Mindful of Mr. Zook’s family and friends, we’ll withhold our feelings on his performance. But we can’t say the same for a couple bloggers:

JACOBS WELL’s reax upon hearing the Zooker butcher up Harry’s favorite beer drinking ditty: “Ron Zook should be fired. He had to use a crib sheet - he didn’t know the words!”

And there’s oh such much more

NICK ANN STREET used the unfortunate occasion to point out that the Cubs need to stop the practice of guest Stretch singers (among other invectives directed at Illinois’ best known water skier): “They had Illinois football coach Ron Zook. When he stood up to sing my eyes almost popped out of my head. He had a script!! The man did not know the words to Take me Out to the Ball Game.

This is not a tribute to Harry Caray, this is a travesty. Then when he was interviewed in the bottom half of the inning, he mentioned that he would like to play a football game in Wrigley Field someday like the old days.

Ron Zook

I am sorry Mr. Zook, there is no way that you are going to bring your laughing stock of the Big Ten of a football team onto the hallowed grounds of Wrigley Field. Nobody wants to come watch your team lose by 5 touchdowns in a baseball park.” (ed. note: right, they’re too busy watching the Cubs lose by 5 touchdowns)

Ron Zook

OK, we’ve now got to exorcise these hurtful words from our Orange and Navy psyche to get back in the Proper State Of Mind - W. Illinos is only 15 weeks away!