Clemens Not Too Busy To Text Joba Some Advice

It’s nice to see that steroid allegations & Mindy McCready macking rumors haven’t kept Roger Clemens from staying in touch with his old teammates.

Joba Chamberlain Roger Clemens

Mel Antonen of USA TODAY gets the good word from Joba Chamberlain, as the Yankees hurler explains how he’s been in constant contact with the Rocket through the miracle of text messaging:

“We text back and forth and I ask him a lot of questions, because that’s how you get better,” Chamberlain said before the Yankees’ game in Baltimore Tuesday night. “You can’t be afraid to ask questions. I ask him everything from workout questions to how to pitch to certain batters. I never thought I’d be texting Roger Clemens.”

So, what kind of sage advice has Clemens bestowed upon young Joba?

One piece of advice Clemens gave him: “The easiest day should be the day you pitch,” Chamberlain says. “Then, I beat myself up in between starts. I run, lift, eat right and take care of myself between starts.”

Beat yourself up? That would explain the Yanks’ rough start.

Well, based on last night’s performance, maybe Roger needs to pump up the rest of the Yankees’ pitching staff. Are they in his five?