Roddick Engaged To SI Model Or In Need Of Date?

We sure have had a run of the New York tabloids getting things wrong lately. First there was the NEW YORK POST’s bogus report on Tiger Woods buying a Hamptons mansion. Then the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS mistakenly reported Sean Avery was involved in the same prostitution ring as Eliot Spitzer. And now, the Daily News completely whiffs on Andy’s Roddick’s personal life.

Brooklyn Decker SI Nudie Model Engaged To Andy Roddick

PEOPLE mag reports that Roddick wrote on his personal site today that he is officially engaged to SI pseudo-nudie model Brooklyn Decker. Meanwhile, yesterday the Daily News had a very different accounting of Roddick’s life with the ladies.

Jo Piazza in her “Full Disclosure” gossip column in the D-N reported just yesterday that Roddick was a “miss at love” and that he was “ripe for the picking” by the ladies.

New York Daily News wrong on Andy Roddick's nudie model engagement

Roddick’s official site appears to be down at the moment, but if People is correct in its reportage, you wonder who was playing the trick on the Ms. Piazza. Maybe the same person who fed the Tiger and Avery lies to the other tabs.