Rick Reilly ESPN Contract Worth Over $17 Million

REPORT: RICK REILLY TO MAKE STAGGERING $17M AT ESPN: SILICON ALLEY INSIDER reports today that Rick Reilly will be making well over double what he was offered to stay on at SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: “Most reports have Rick pulling down a staggering $2 million or so for his 5-year contract at his new employer. But we hear those estimates are low. Rick, we’re told, is actually going to pull down $17 million over the next five years at ESPN, or $3.4 million a year.

So maybe the moral is to work for Disney instead of Time Warner; SI was reportedly only willing to pay Rick a miserly $1.5 mil a year.

Rick Reilly

Yes, it’s a cheap shot, but since he’s now planning on also becoming a fixture on ESPN-TV, maybe Mr. Reilly can put some of that money to a teeth whitening kit and something to abate those alarmingly multiplying liver spots.