Jefferson Pulls A Sprewell On Minn. Birthday Host

An unannounced appearance by Richard Jefferson at a private hotel party got the birthday boy all choked up - but not in a good way.

Richard Jefferson New Jersey Nets

The MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE reports that assault charges have been filed against the New Jersey Net for attacking a man at a Minneapolis hotel last January. The charges claim that Jefferson choked the man until he briefly lost consciousness.

According to the complaint, Lyle Fox was celebrating his 28th birthday with a private party at the Graves Hotel. Jefferson, who was in town to face the T-Wolves the next night, decided to join in on the fun:

Fox noticed that Jefferson came into the roped-off party area, prompting Fox to ask him to leave. Jefferson “became very angry,” grabbed Fox and threw him onto a bench.

Then the 6-foot-7, 225-pound Jefferson “grabbed the victim by the throat with both hands and began to choke him. The victim went unconscious for a small amount of time.”

Police officers called to the hotel detected red marks on the Fox’s neck, and the next day Fox saw bruising around his neck and shoulder.

Fox, who’s about 9 inches & 60 pounds smaller than Jefferson, also said he was suffering problems with speaking & swallowng after the Sprewell-ing.

Jefferson has been charged with fifth-degree misdemeanor assault, and is scheduled to be in court June 18.

Based on their own ex-players’ recent brushes with the law, maybe the Minnesota Vikings should reserve a roster spot for Richard.