Ric Bucher Owns Longest Losing Streak In Sports Reporting History

DRAT, GUESS MY KOBE WAS WRONG ABOUT THAT ONE TOO! As a public service, we wanted to run down the current longest losing streaks in sports for you:

A) Chicago Cubs’ 99 Years without World Series title
B) Florida International’s 20 straight losses
C) Navy’s 43-game losing streak vs. Notre Dame
D) Ric Bucher’s Kobe Bryant trade predictions

Ric Bucher

Honestly, we’ve speculated on some things over the years that didn’t turn out the way we thought they would, but is there a respirating speciman outside the 860 that doesn’t emit a giggle every time they see or hear the sunbedded-soul patch give us another of his NBA *scoops*? This is a man who makes Peter Vecsey and Sam Smith resemble Hal 9000.