Revealed! Stephon Marbury’s New Cranial Tattoo

Over the weekend, we told you how Stephon Marbury showed a new head for business, as the (still) New York Knick was spotted sporting a Starbury tattoo on his bald cranium. However, the lads at the NEW YORK POST neglected to bring along a photographer to capture any pictorial proof. (Yet, they were responsible enough to bring along a Jessica Simpson lookalike to last season’s Cowboys-Giants playoff game).

But now thanks to the industrious dudes over at DEADSPIN, we now have photographical confirmation of Stephon’s new head style. Voila!

Stephon Marbury head tattoo video capture

Now let’s check our original artist’s rendition, courtesy of SbB’s Tim:

Artist rendering of Stephon Marbury's new tattoo

Very similar. But our larger version would probably mean a lot more sales at Steve & Barry’s - and they could really use the business.