Report: Pacman Jones Involved In “Violent Scuffle”

CBS 11 in DFW reports today that Pacman Jones was involved in a “violent scuffle” at a Dallas hotel last Tuesday night. Excerpt:

Sources say police were called after Jones argued with one of his own bodyguards.  By the time police arrived he was headed back inside the hotel and patrons could clearly hear a fight going on in the bathroom.

Pacman Jones

That fight was allegedly between ‘Pacman’ Jones and a member of his security detail.  Security inside the hotel allegedly pulled the two apart.  At least one mirror was broken in the confrontation.

Sources say Jones went outside and left the hotel without paying his tab.  He was reportedly with a woman who drove the two away from the scene.

This from a man who we already know has been “arrested in years past for public intoxication, disorderly conduct and faced questions involving a shooting in Atlanta.” Sounds serious, but if it only involves Jones’ bodyguards, who may well be under the employ of the Dallas Cowboys, if they want to keep their jobs they won’t be filing any charges. True enough, police did not file a report on the incident.

As he’s in the midst of building a $1B stadium, I imagine Jerry Jones will be able to manage a mirror replacement in no time.

Michael Irvin Edward Scissorhands

And based on what we’ve heard the Cowboys were up to in the mid-’90s, this sort of incident is child’s play.

UPDATE: Mike Florio of PRO FOOTBALL TALK confirms the bodyguard involved in the fight with Jones was a “babysitter” hired by the Cowboys.

Phew! That was close Jer!