Michigan NFLers Still Sour About App State Upset

No reason to repeat what a monumental upset it was when Appalachian State knocked off Michigan in the Big House last season. (Unless you’re a Mountaineers, Ohio State, Michigan State or Penn State fan - then repeat as necessary.) And apparently some Wolverines currently in the NFL are having a hard time forgetting.

Appalachian State Michigan

In fact, one UM alum playing for the Redskins is taking it out his frustration on an App State rookie hoping to make the final Washington roster - by making the kid carry his helmet.

APP FAN passes along news that Redskins tackle Jon Jansen has forced ASU grad & roster hopeful Kerry Brown to lug around his headgear. It’s normal for veterans to turn rookies into indentured servants during training camp. But Jensen specifically selected Brown for what Kerry’s alma mater did to his.

Adam Himmelbach of the FREDERICKSBURG (VA) FREE LANCE-STAR explains the situation:

This week, Brown is among a slew of roster hopefuls who might as well be called hair because there is a good chance they will be cut.

But I figured that after beating Michigan, Brown must think that anything’s possible. I walked over and introduced myself, but when I extended my hand, I noticed his were both holding helmets.

“This one’s Jon Jansen’s,” Brown said, referring to the Redskins’ veteran tackle who is a–gulp–Michigan alum. “He came over to me and said, ‘Hey, rook. Carry my helmet. Where’s Appalachian State now?’”

Appalachian State 34-32

Last time we checked, Appalachian State still owns a 34-32 win over the Wolverines, along with a couple of Division 1-AA national championship trophies adorned on their mantelpiece back in Boone, NC.

But it’s not just Jansen who’s been jerking Brown around. Kerry further notes, “As a matter of fact, all of the guys I’ve beaten for NCAA championships are giving me a hard time too.”

We’re sure Brown is more than happy to put up with that kind of razzing.