Rebel Doesn’t Miss Range Rover: ‘Too Many Miles’

Former Mississippi high school football prospect C.J. Johnson de-committed from Mississippi State deep into the 2011 recruiting process, signing instead with Ole Miss in early February.

CJ Johnson's New Truck

As chronicled here five months ago, Johnson told the media he reneged on his promise to MSU because, at least in part, he was upset by comments made by alleged Mississippi State fans on his Facebook page. Johnson to the JACKSON CLARION-LEDGER on Jan. 26, 2011:

“I saw rumors on the Internet with people saying I decommitted from Mississippi State because my momma has been working for this Ole Miss guy and she cleaned his house up for a year and she made $100,000. If my momma made $100,000 a year, I wouldn’t be driving the truck that I’m driving. I would have had a vehicle a long time ago. It’s just the little stuff like that.”

If Johnson’s Tweets on June 1, his first day of class at Ole Miss, are any indication it appears Houston Nutt does indeed sweat the “little stuff.

CJ Johnson Range Rover

Peepa heppin’ bidniz indeed.

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