Jackson Arrested After Auto Rampage Through OC

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson certainly lived up to his nickname on Tuesday, as the UFC fighter was arrested after a SoCal car chase that resulted in a few damaged vehicles.

Quinton Rampage Jackson pickup truck

(Quinton will have to do a few more PPVs just to pay for gas)

The ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER punches up news that the incident began around 1:30 p.m. in the O.C. town of Costa Mesa. Jackson’s vehicle - a lifted Ford F-250 pickup featuring large images of himself on the sides - smashed into two cars near the end of the California 55 freeway.

And that’s when the motorized mayhem really began:

Over the course of the next couple minutes, Jackson crashed again near 17th Street, swerved over a center divider and back again, and “at one point he went up on the sidewalk, causing pedestrians to dash out of the way,” said Costa Mesa police Lt. Paul Dondero.

A motorcycle officer gave chase until Jackson stopped on the Balboa Peninsula, where he was arrested. By then, one of his tires had blown out and he was driving on a rim.

The 30-year-old fighter faces charges of hit & run driving, felony evading and reckless driving. But in Jackson’s favor, nobody was injured, and police don’t believe any alcohol was involved in Rampage’s, um, rampage.

SI follows up that Quinton is currently incarcerated in the Orange County Jail, where bail has been set at $25,000. But if Jackson finds any Internet access behind bars, he’d be touched to see all his fans showing support on his MySpace page.

The UFC has no comment on Jackson’s joyride. We wager they’re already planning their next pay-per-view, where Rampage faces off in a battle royal against the entire California Highway Patrol - featuring special guest referee Erik Estrada.

Erik Estrada CHiPs

Don’t try anything funny, Quinton - Erik can take you out.