Rabbi Wins Date With Oksana, Is In For Surprise

The NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX reports today that a New York-based Rabbi spent $2,500 at a charity auction to win a date with figure skater Oksana Baiul.

Oksana Baiul nude in Playboy magazine

Not a bad call, at least if you haven’t see her in about 10 years (and about 10,000 Stoly & stones ago). Updated photo of our favorite driving-impaired ice princess after jump.

Here’s a recent pic of Baiul, who just celebrated her 31st birthday:

Oksana Baiul nude in Playboy magazine

(Years of sparring with fellow Ukraine Klistchko Bros. has taken its toll)

Rabbi who *won* the auction: “Well, I’m single, it’s for charity, and she seems like a nice Jewish girl. I guess I’m the luckiest guy in my congregation.

Boy is he ever. I just want to remind the Rabbi that if she drives for the date, have her lay off the Chicken Marsala at dinner.