Q: Can Tony Romo Really Be That Stupid? A: Yes

THE BIG LEAD tips us off to photos of Tony Romo spending his playoff bye week with Jessica Simpson in Cabo.

Jessica Simpson with Tony Romo in Cabo

The apparent original poster of the photos, Flynetonline, claims that the pics are of “Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo vacationing in Mexico yesterday along with some of Romo’s fellow football players and Jessica’s parents.

In one of the photos, one of those apparent “fellow football players” has the binocs out in the direction of the paparazzi’s cameras - as if to say, “uh, what’s are you guys doing here?”

Jessica Simpson with Tony Romo in Cabo

We hate to break the news to Romo and his drinking buddies teammates, the Simpson’s tip off the photogs to exactly where they will be, and when. It’s no coincidence that she’s always perfectly in place for *candid* piccies. Remember the Cowboys game she attended? *standing right on her spot*

Jessica Simpson Cowboys game

If the Cowboys lose next week, we wouldn’t want to be in that locker room after the game. Or the coach’s office for that matter.