PTI’s Michael Wilbon Suffers “Mild” Heart Attack

SPORTS ON MY MIND, FAN IQ, AWFUL ANNOUNCING and SMW have coverage of Michael Wilbon’s “mild” heart attack. Wilbon went to the hospital yesterday for chest pain. Doctors found a blockage in his heart and removed it with angioplasty. He’s now doing fine. Strangely, not one word about it (so far, that we could find) at or on the WASHINGTON POST’s website.

Michael Wilbon

We need Wilbon to stay healthy, if for no other reason to prevent us from being subjected to Dan Le Batard’s unsettling sweat-isodes as a PTI fill-in.

UPDATE: Not that it necessarily should go here, but Will Leitch at DEADSPIN notes that Bob Ryan’s son died in Afghanistan of an apparent suicide (link). Our thoughts out to Mr. Ryan and his family. Sad stuff.