Pryor Sells Out OSU For Few Lousy Game Checks

In the Sept. 1, 2011, report to the NCAA from Ohio State that resulted in the suspensions of Buckeye football players Jordan Hall, Travis Howard and Corey Brown, OSU reported that the violations were “discovered” by the school on “August 31, 2011.”

Terrelle Pryor tells on Ohio State to NCAA only to help his NFL appeal

As of Sept. 13, 2011, Terrelle Pryor’s last Tweet was … wait for it … August 31, 2011.

For all we know, Ohio State “discovering” seven month-old NCAA violations the exact day Pryor began an indefinite Tweet-free streak is complete coincidence.

Along with the fact that Pryor is currently appealing a five-game NFL suspension - after filing paperwork with the league on August 26.

But considering Pryor did indeed recently rat out his former Ohio State teammates to the NCAA in a brazen bid to curry favor with the same intercollegiate body to which the NFL ceded - blocking Pryor’s immediate admission into the league - it’s not unreasonable to think that’s why Pryor is hiding from the public. (And his former teammates in Columbus.)

Terrelle Pryor at Charity Event in Cleveland where 3 Ohio State players were paid

(Pryor: Sold Out His School Only To Aid NFL Appeal)

Especially ironic when you consider Pryor was one of the guys who helped round up Hall, Howard and Brown for the charity event that cost them their eligibility - but only after Pryor sold them down the river!

Okay, maybe it isn’t ironic.

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