Red Sox Prospect Left Tix For Erin Andrews Every Day For 3 Years

Apparently legit Red Sox prospect Daniel Nava is a big Erin Andrews fan and has long employed a seemingly futile scheme to try her. The Boston AAA prospect leaves a ticket for Andrews at each Pawtucket Red Sox game.

Daniel Nava Leaves Tickets For Erin Andrews Every Night For 3 years

(From Red Sox AAA minor league announcer Dan Hoard)

Backstory from a recent blog entry by Pawtucket radio broadcaster Steve Hyder:

I noticed that one of our players had left a ticket for a young woman, a famous young woman both days here in the Carolinas. The player- Daniel Nava. The woman- Erin Andrews of ESPN and the TV show “Dancing With the Stars.”

I admit, my curiosity got the better of me. Does Nava know the good-looking blonde reporter, who got more attention than she wanted when she was videotaped through a peephole in her hotel room? Inquiring minds want to know.

Nava laughed when he was asked if he knew her. “I wish I did.” He explained that it is a long standing tradition of his, dating back a couple of seasons.

He got the idea from a certain Dallas Cowboys quarterback. “Tony Romo used to put Jessica Simpsons‘ name down, even though he didn’t know her at the time. Word got out and for a while, Romo and Simpson were an item.”

Is Nava hoping for lightning to strike twice. “I’m not counting on it, but it’d be great.” I asked what it would mean to him if Hyder and Hoard were able to spread the word and make something happen. “I’d owe you guys, big time, I guess.”

While he’s not holding his breath that anything will happen, you just never know. If anyone reading this knows Erin, tell her┬áNava’s a great guy and she can reach him through my email at

Bless their hearts.

Then there’s this from a recent post by Dan Hoard, Hyder’s radio partner with the Pawsox:

Nava has been leaving a ticket on the pass list for the ESPN sideline reporter for the last three years.

THREE years?

Okay, we’re all thinking of the same word now.

Though I’d like to think Nava’s obsession with Andrews is harmless, and knowing her personality, I’m guessing there’ll be a meeting at some point.

Daniel Nava Leaves Tickets For Erin Andrews Every Night For 3 years

And you never know, if it turns out Nava owns a dance studio in Moldova, shaves his chest and designs a mean leotard, he might just have a shot with the lovely sideline reporter.