Pronger: Edmonton Fans “Burned My Kid’s Crib”

This week Anaheim Ducks defenseman Chris Pronger guested on Jim Rome’s radio show. Pronger recounted his playing days with the Edmonton Oilers, and makes his departure from the city sound like an escape from Saigon.

Chris Pronger

Excerpt: “Yeah, there’s obviously a few things that didn’t set well with me, for instance, taking the furniture that I had in my house and burning it, and having a ‘Burn Chris Pronger’s Furniture Day,’ that really did sit well with me very much. They burned my kid’s crib and things like that. When you hear stories like that it doesn’t sit well. But having said that, you know, I’ve turned the page. It would be nice to see them turn the page, but I doubt that’s gonna happen any time soon.

Jim Rome’s response: “To go into my house and get my furniture out and to burn it and to burn my kids crib — that’s messed up. No matter how badly you think he wronged you, or the team, or whatever happened, to burn a guy’s child’s crib! I mean, that’s messed up.

As you might expect, Pronger’s rather vague comments have Edmontonians a little roiled and many in Alberta want more specifics from the former Oiler defenseman.

David Staples of the EDMONTON JOURNAL is dubious of Pronger’s allegation: “An unnamed Edmonton radio station did indeed bat around this stupid idea of having a ‘Burn Chris’s Furniture Day,’ but there’s been no confirmation that this ever happened. Mr. Rome, there is no proof right now of any crib being burned, so you can rest easy. And Mr. Pronger, your leaving will always rankle so long as you don’t clear the air about why you left and instead stoke the fires around the bad feelings surrounding your departure.

Pronger never did get into specifics about the supposed episode. In our opinion, it sounds to us like he heard about the radio station gag (which apparently never happened) and then just stated the event as fact (with the crib thrown in for effect). But again, we’re merely speculating. It could’ve happened. Who knows?

Regardless, it is rather amusing to hear Pronger continue to antagonize Edmonton fans. There are days when the NHL is the closest thing pro sports has to professional wrestling. And this is one of them.