Prince Fielder’s Deodorant Simply Is Not Working

Not that I want to relive this pain, but Prince Fielder’s walkoff homer in the 12th on Sunday was notable for a couple of reasons. For one, it put a nice tasty winning icing on a game in which the Brewers turned their fourth triple play in franchise history — an around-the-horn gem in the sixth.

Prince Fielder

Then, Fielder won it with a line drive to right (his 37th), with he and his teammates celebrating the win with this Great Moment in Choreography when he reached home plate. You’d think a team this well rehearsed would be closer than 14 games out in the NL Central. But the more serious implication is this: Will this begin a new trend in creative home plate celebration in MLB?

It happened with touchdown celebrations in the NFL, until the league stepped in and put a stop to teams such as the Redskins working elaborate end zone routines after a score. In baseball, are we going to see the Yankees toss Alex Rodriguez into the air on a blanket after a home run? The Red Sox break into a kick line like the Rockettes? Please act now and ban celebrations such as these, Bud Selig, before it’s too late.

When Fielder rounded second, he untucked his jersey, and then when he jumped on the plate all of his teammates fell backwards in unison — something you’re going to see ad nauseum at the Little League World Series next year, by the way.

At least it all went better than it did for Michigan punter Zoltan Mesko on Saturday. The fifth-year senior tried to get some “air” when the team ran onto the field, and failed miserably — falling to the turf and getting trampled by some of his teammates.


By the way, looking at the photo at the top of this post, it’s hard to imagine that Fielder is a vegan. But apparently, he is.