New Vegetarian Fielder Still Hungering For 1st HR

Prince Fielder has started his season in a slump. The Milwaukee Brewers first baseman has yet to tally a home run, and went 0-11 in the Brew Crew’s last series against the Reds.

Prince Fielder hug a vegetarian

But as BREWERS LOG notes, what Prince is keeping off his dinner plate may be causing him to come up empty at home plate.

Fielder had earlier announced during spring training that he was becoming a vegetarian. And some Brewers fans believe taking meat off his menu has taken the meat out of his mighty swing.

Back in his carnivorous seasons, Fielder had been snacking on opposing pitchers. In 2006, he only needed five games to smack his first home run. And last season, it only took two games for Prince’s first base-clearing blast.

But nine games into 2008, Prince is still waiting for his first homer. And he’s obviously perturbed by his slow start:

“I’m not OK with it. You see the scoreboard. It’s god awful, you know. Being in the middle of the lineup, I’ve got to do a little better than that.”

Maybe a few Whoppers down Fielder’s gullet will result in a few whoppers over the fence. Some Big Macs could lead to some big hits. And a Baconator or two could bring about some blasts out of the ballpark.

Prince Fielder can has cheezburger