‘Postponed’ Game The End For Lingerie Football?

If you followed my coverage of the Lingerie Football League, you know that the entire concept was invented by founder (and Blind Date refugee) Mitch Mortaza to help him meet women. That’s what’s made the main media’s serious coverage of the sport so amusing and somewhat perplexing over the years. But sadly, the chance for reporters to score wardrobe malfunction watch appears to finally be coming to an end.

Lingerie Football League Michelle Sotak From Behind

(Lingerie Football End Near? Yes please.)

Last Tuesday the game between the Chicago Bliss and the New York Majesty was “postponed” for six(!) weeks because of “issues with New York’s facility.”

Lingerie Football League $272 for two tickets?!

(Ticket sales ($272 for two!), or lack thereof to blame for postponement?)

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The facility is the Nassau Coliseum, longtime home of the New York Islanders. I’d like to say that there’s lots of speculation about what those “issues” are, but apparently Mortaza “forgot” to call media outlets to tell them about the postponement. Amazing oversight considering the relentless promotion push with the media by Mortaza to this point.

Lingerie Bowl Canceled

(Hey, not like this has happened before … oh, wait.)

Then again, he’s got plenty of experience with postponements, so what do I know?

Mitch Mortaza On Blind Date

My guess is so few tickets were sold that putting on the game would’ve been a complete embarrassment. And that Mortaza finally got the hottie girlfriend outta all this that he dreamed of.