Is a Possible McCourt Love Triangle Heating Up?

More fun with the McCourts’ freakshow divorce today, as TMZ reports on the events following a 911 call Jamie McCourt made to police about Frank.

Frank McCourt Tommy Lasorda Jamie McCourt

(Oh god no. This guy.)

Frank’s version:

Mr. McCourt was living alone at the residence in West Los Angeles and his wife was residing in Malibu. That morning, Mr. McCourt left the house and went jogging. When he returned home to the West Los Angeles residence, he found his wife (Jamie) swimming in the pool and her personal “security assistant” Jeff Fuller, was also at the residence.

Jeff Fuller? The same Fuller who is now romantically involved with Jamie, but only started seeing her after the McCourts’ breakup?

Meanwhile, Jamie’s side has a very, VERY different account of the events.

It happened Sept. 5 2009, at 10:10 in the morning. We’re told Jamie was swimming in the pool of her Holmby Hills home when Frank suddenly and unexpectadly appeared. Jamie called 911, explaining that she was frightened because of previous incidents in which Frank had allegedly lost his temper and scared her.

Jamie then called the couple’s private security for assistance.

By the time the LAPD responded, private security had already arrived to make sure Jamie was OK.

Jamie’s lawyer adds: “Contrary to the statement by Mr. McCourt’s attorney, no one other than Mrs. McCourt and the housekeeper were at the home when Mr. McCourt appeared and police were called.

To which Frank’s lawyer, Marshall Grossman responded: “If that is her story then ’security chief’ Jeff Fuller has a body double. This 911 call was phoney as any fair observer would realize. Clearly the police recognized its foolishness as no action was taken and Mr. McCourt was never even contacted.

So it appears that either Jamie McCourt’s people or police leaked the 911 call to TMZ, which then led with Jamie’s side of the story. Then Frank’s attorney, Grossman, came in with his version of events.

It appears that will Frank injecting Fuller into the 911 call aftermath, he may claim that Jamie had an inappropriate relationship with Fuller before the two separated. But that’s possibility, at least to my knowledge, hasn’t been raised yet.

What this all illustrates is what I’ve been saying all along: the McCourts are unfit to own and operate the Dodgers. They are insufferable attention whores who are only using the team to feed their own egos and advance their own personal agendas. Jamie has already used her association with the Dodgers to buy her way onto the USC Board of Trustees and draw donors for a possible run at political office.

No one is saying much in Los Angeles about all this, besides an occasional chuckle. But if the Dodgers were a second-division club, you can bet there’d be calls for the McCourts’ ouster.

And let’s be clear, the McCourts have had very little to do with the Dodgers’ success on the field. The young stars produced by Logan White’s farm system are what’s powering this franchise. Not the McCourts, nor GM Ned Colletti. The team has somehow been a success despite their meddling.