“Pooper” Davenport Chases Down His Stolen Car

You know, you defecate in one hamper, and people never let you forget about it. That’s life for Najeh Davenport, who had his car stolen, chased it down and recovered it, and all I’m thinking is poop poop poop.

Najeh Davenport model

The former Steelers back left his car running in front of a family member’s house, when someone hopped in and took off with it.  Davenport somehow commandeered another vehicle and went in hot pursuit, finally catching up to the car thief and holding him until police arrived. I guess his skills at holding it have improved.

Contrary to popular belief, Davenport drives a 1970 Chevrolet Impala, and not a dump truck. He won’t be driving it for a while, as the thief smashed into four separate parked cars in his escape attempt before the vehicle crapped out near a Foodland parking lot, forcing the chase to be pinched off short.

“That car was totaled in the front. It was a nice car,” said neighbor Leonard Heinz.

Najeh Davenport Car

Police arrested 22-year-old Rodney Terrell Green with four counts of accidents involving damage to unattended vehicle or property, theft by unlawful taking or disposition and receiving stolen property. I’m thrilled that “theft by unlawful taking” is an actual crime.

Football player, supermodel, vigilante; I’m starting to think Davenport truly is a renaissance man for our times. But then I remember the poop thing, and everything else just come in at number 2.