Oregon Cops: Masoli Is Not Ruled Out As Suspect

Greg Bolt of the EUGENE REGISTER-GUARD has a follow today on the recent theft incident at a Univ. of Oregon frat house. At least one report by a Eugene TV station yesterday indicated that Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli was named in a report of the incident but that police did not consider him a suspect.

Jeremiah Masoli Oregon SAE House

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Not true, according to the Eugene Police Department spokesperson today.

Per Bolt:

Police spokeswoman Melinda Kletzok said police are releasing no information because the case remains under investigation. She denied information posted on one TV station Web site alleging that police had said the two football players named in the rumors “are not suspects and are not people of interest.”

Makes you wonder where the Eugene TV station got that idea in the first place.

The police report of the incident has also not been released yet, and the alleged victim of the theft told the PORTLAND OREGONIAN yesterday that though he suspected Masoli of stealing his stuff, he did not see the Oregon QB in possession of the items he reported stolen.

It’s also worth noting that police did take fingerprints at the scene and it is not yet known if Masoli has been contacted by authorities.

Many of you have contacted me questioning why ESPN is not covering this story. I asked that of ESPN VP of Media Relations Josh Krulewitz.

In response, Krulewitz said, “There haven’t been any charges.

ESPN is in an interesting quandary. If another major outlet like SI, FSN or even TMZ was all over this story I think Bristol might consider diving in. But since the story hasn’t come close to hitting the national mainstream media yet and ESPN doesn’t appear to be in jeopardy of losing out on a huge scoop, I can’t argue with the net’s editorial approach.

We’re all thinking the same thing on this: if Masoli is completely innocent, then his name shouldn’t be out there at all. But if he is blameless, wouldn’t the police have already made that clear? Likewise the Oregon Athletic Department?

I’m not implying Masoli is guilty of anything, but he does stand accused on the record. That accusation by an Oregon student in print is pretty damn significant when you consider the abuse that student will be subjected to in the future on and off-campus regardless of the outcome of this situation.