Playboy Girl’s Secret Name Not A Secret Anymore

It’s a story as old as Hugh Hefner: Girl is blinded by the prospects of celebrity; Figures posing nude for a magazine will be “good for her career”; Parents are shocked & awed when they find out about it through a church acquaintance who stumbled upon it while walking the dog (or some such silliness).

Minnesota Playboy

But unlike most of the women who end up in the pages of Playboy, Austin Voltin (third from left) at least had the good sense to change her name to Austin Thompson. Of course, now that she’s telling her story to Paul Walsh of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE, it sorta blows her cover, but she gets points for trying.

Whatever, Voltin/Thompson is one of six young lasses from the University of Minnesota gracing the pages of Playboy’s “Girls of the Big Ten” issue:

“I’m pretty reserved, and most people wouldn’t expect me to do this,” said Austin Voltin, a 22-year-old U senior and former Gophers cheerleader who chose “Austin Thompson” as her magazine name.

Voltin, a Blaine High School graduate who is studying nutrition and Spanish, said there was “initial shock” when her parents learned that their daughter would soon be in Playboy, but “anything that makes me happy, makes them happy.”

Yep, this is what happens to nutrition and Spanish majors, even ones who aren’t worthy of being on the cover. At least according to Kelly Carrington (real name: Kelly Hemberger), University of Florida student and this month’s Playboy covergirl: “There weren’t any girls from the Big Ten who were hot enough to be on the cover, so they had to pull someone from the SEC.”

Kelly Carrington Playboy cover

She sounds delightful. And by “pull”, she obviously means “pull out from under the director of photography.”* If it’s any consolation, Austin, I find you extremely attractive and would happily have you on the cover of my magazine.**

*Pure speculation.
**Not a euphemism. I think.