Plaxico Burress Suspended, Season Shot To Hell

Not waiting for Roger Goodell to rule on their receiver’s recent raucous activities, the New York Giants have, ahem, jumped the gun and put Plaxico Burress on suspension.

Plaxico Burress arrest

The NEWARK STAR-LEDGER reports that the team has suspended Plaxico for four games, which coincidentally is the same number of regular season contests left on the G-Men’s schedule. More importanly, Burress has been placed on the non-injury football list - meaning that Plax can kiss any postseason play goodbye.

The official reason for the suspension was multiple and repeated violations of club rules - such as not returning GM Jerry Reese’s phone calls over the weekend, and skipping out on a team meeting after the Giants beat the Bengals earlier this season. And let’s not forget his misadventures in car rentals.

Addind insult to gun-related injury, Burress was also fined “an undisclosed amount”. (An amount totaling the cost of one Rolls Royce, perhaps?)

But there are one or two silver linings to this Smith & Wesson scandal. Namely, who do you think is happier - Amani Toomer, Steve Smith & the rest of the Giants’ receiving corps, who are assured of even more game touches; or Adam “Pacman” Jones, whose latest off-field problems now seem somewhat tame in comparison?