Pitino On ‘Very Brief’ Sex: ‘She Opened My Pants’

John Clay of the LEXINGTON HERALD-LEADER and Matt Jones and Thomas Beisner of KentuckySportsRadio.com has the latest on Rick Pitino’s testimony today at the coach’s extortion trial in Louisville.

Rick Pitino, Karen Sypher

Speaking inside a jammed courtroom, Jones reports this afternoon that Pitino admitted to having sex with the woman he’s accused of extortion, Karen Sypher:

Pitino admits to “unfortunate” action with Sypher. Says “she opened my pants” and they had sex “very briefly”

More from this morning’s trial testimony

- The night in question, “The Boys” got together to celebrate Reggie Theus’ hiring. Theus would ultimately leave the party early to catch a flight home.

- Pitino assistant Vinnie Tatum testified that he “heard nothing” while Pitino/Sypher sexual encounter occurred and that he had walked away because he felt like “the third wheel”. Had he heard distress, he would have responded.

- He also said that he did not get a key from Porcini’s owner Tim Coury. Instead, he was instructed to leave out a side door.

- Coury also said this is the first time he’s ever allowed anyone to stay after hours on their own inside his restaurant. Sypher’s defense team poked at that theory by pointing out that Tatum left through the proper exit after being told while Pitino, who did not receive same instruction, did as well.

- In breaking news, Karen Sypher wore a white thong that night. How can you be sure? Well, one of “The Boys”, Glen Hogan, lifted Sypher’s skirt and asked “what u got under there?”, according to Jeff Steffens.

Clay of the Herald-Leader has more details.

Sypher has pleaded not guilty to the extortion charges, which include her allegedly asking Pitino for $3.5 million in cash to not reveal their sexual encounter and the subsequent abortion that resulted.

Sypher also claims that Pitino sexually assaulted her.

If convicted, Sypher could face multiple years in Federal prison.