Pic: Elin Spotted Saturday Without Wedding Ring

The LONDON SUN has the first clear photo of Elin Nordegren in public I’ve seen since Tiger Woods‘ car accident (left):

Elin Nordegren Spotted Without Her Wedding Band

(Left: Elin last Saturday. Right: Elin before Woods’ car accident.)

In the shot, she’s not wearing a wedding band.

Here’s an index of the latest photos of Nordegren from the ASSOCIATED PRESS:

Elin Nordegren With Tiger Woods Wearing Her Wedding Band

Dating back to 2005, I couldn’t find a photo of her with where she wasn’t wearing her wedding band - at least when her ring finger was in the shot.

Don’t want to jump to conclusions but at the very least, considering the events of the past three weeks, you would think that isn’t a good sign when it comes to state of the couple’s marriage.