Photos Of Hideki Matsui’s ‘Wife’ Posted: Is It Her?

With Hideki Matsui your World Series MVP, the mad search is one for photos of Matsui’s wife.

Hideki Matsui Wife Photos Pictures

Why so? The unintentionally amusing depiction of her he presented to reporters after his marriage in 2008. I was sent a couple photos last night that may well be her. Scary part: The illustration may actually give us confirmation.

Are the photos Hideki Matsui’s wife?

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Pics after the jump.

Hideki Matsui Wife Photos Pictures

Hideki Matsui Wife Photos Pictures

The origin of the photos, best I can tell, is the result of obsessive Japanese fans scavenging for an image of her. I’m not going to pretend to have any background on the photos or other info on her. I was sent these pics from an anonymous person who didn’t respond to my replies.

But in seeing her seat location at the game and matching her face to the crude drawing, it appears we may have a match.

I doubt seriously Matsui will bring his wife to the World Series parade on Friday. Who knows though, he might surprise us. Either way, you know the Japanese media will be going nuts trying to find her.