Cooley To Tie Knot With Ex-Redskins Cheerleader

Chris Cooley is getting hitched on Friday. And the Redskins tight end is using his blog to gush & blush about his beautiful bride-to-be.

Chris Cooley Christy

(Chris pointing to Christy:Mine!“)

Cooley remembers meeting Christy about three years ago, when the Redskins cheerleader showed up at his house “like she had climbed out of a poster in my high-school bedroom.”

And as it turns out, it wasn’t just a random chance meeting.

(More provocative, possibly-NSFW pics of the future Mrs. Cooley post-jump.)

Christy Cooley

She confessed that it wasn’t coincidence that brought her to the house and she was prepared. If looks were bait then I was hooked. She dressed to make men panic, but beyond that she was beautiful. Her smile was incredible and she had something terribly contagious in her eyes. Awkward glances and stares filled the room, and before the night ended I knew that I wanted more.

Well, if the football thing doesn’t work for Chris, he’s sure to find work as a Harlequin romance novelist.

The player & cheerleader soon started dating, trying to keep it on the down low from team management. Unfortunately, a picture of the happy couple found its way to the Redskins offices, and Christy found herself out of a $75-a-game gig. But as Chris pointed out, “at least the sneaking around was over.”

Christy Cooley

Nine months ago, Chris popped the question. Tomorrow night, the DC sports community will welcome a new happy couple joined together in holy wedlock. And nobody better try to talk him out of it:

While I can’t wait to put the ring on I’ve had some resoundingly bad conversations over the last couple of months. Golf may have an uncountable list of ethics, though bothering a complete stranger about getting married is not one of them. First of all I’m excited for the big day, so please don’t feel sorry for me because marriage sucks for you. No I’m not nervous, I don’t want any marriage advice, and yes Christy’s mom is still hot.

There, that should put everyone’s fears to rest.

Anyway, good luck to those two lovebirds. And make sure Dan Snyder gets a good seat at the reception - preferably next to the bathroom.