Philly Anchor Claims “Hit” Out on Marvin Harrison

WPVI sports anchor Keith Russell either has already made room for his local news Emmy on his mantle next to his co-rec flag football trophy or the man has flat gone off the reservation.

Russell went on WQAM radio in Miami and made the less-than-compelling case that Marvin Harrison barely avoided a “hit” on his life by the man that was eventually shot by a mystery person using Harrison’s gun. (More on that later.)

The Whole Ten Yards

The action wasn’t taken by the Balding Wide Receiver Mob to prevent him from rolling on Art Monk. For reasons yet unexplained, Harrison’s incarcerated father earned the violent action for his son.

Now we’re rather sensitive to our terribly pale skin and outlook on life. Like others, we suspect we’ve missed the point more than once in matters of race. We fully recognize, for example, that getting a good mug shot of Cedric Benson in his undershirt with eyes bloodshot from mace and calling him a drunk belligerent black man plays into numerous stereotypes.

(We also recognize, despite our Chicago Bears fandom, that Benson had made a number of considerably poor decisions to this moment. None worse than the Bears made by drafting him, but still.)

Having said that: we prefer Keith Russell put on his investigative cap and report that story for his actual employer or else burn his “Oz” DVD collection in the back yard and take a few months off to consider his action.

Back to that gun: six shell casings at the scene of the shooting match the specially-made Belgian gun that Marvin Harrison owns. (And since when does Sal Paolantonio have Philadelphia police sources? But we digress.) We feel compelled to emphasize that this still does not put Harrison at the scene nor does it put the gun in his hand.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better for Harrison. ESPN felt compelled to mention this:

“Off the field, Harrison was sued after the 2005 Pro Bowl when three boys accused him of attacking them when they tried to get his autograph. The suit alleged Harrison “violently and physically attacked” the minors, including placing a “potentially deadly choke hold” on one of the boys, but it was later dismissed.”