Philadelphia Flyers Pop Collars, Crash Frat Party

How do you celebrate a four-goal comeback? A nice quiet night at home? Not if you’re a professional athlete. You might hit the clubs, or a strip joint. Or, if you’re the Philadelphia Flyers, you crash a frat party.

Scottie Upshall and Mike Richards

(Mike Richards and friends practice the 2-on-1)

That was the scene Thursday night in Philly’s Old City, when a fraternity formal progressed from the usual roofie coladas and drunken fumbling sex in the bathroom to something much more special. It was that kind of magic that can only occur when millionaire athletes show up unexpectedly to mooch off of the frat’s beer.

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I’ll let the Temple University fraternity’s president explain the night:

So they came up, essentially they just chilled near the bar, kept getting all the free drinks, well drinks we paid for, which is great we paid for the Flyers to get trashed at our date party.  They were very chill, we asked them to take a lot of pictures there were very friendly.  Apparently one of the guys there hit on my date, kinda funny cuz I didn’t get any (not surprising).


Scottie Upshall and Mike Richards

Antero Niittymaki and Scottie Upshall

Mike Richards

Mike Richards and Antero Niittymaki

Scottie Upshall and Mike Richards

Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter

(Jeff Carter is much more interested in free booze than cheap women)

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