Pete Carroll Doesn’t Think Much Of Terrelle Pryor

For the college football fans among us, if you haven’t already, you’ll want to check out the complete dismantling of the Jim Tressel offense featured on DR. SATURDAY today. It’s as thorough a damnation of the system in which Terrelle Pryor toils as you can imagine, and it highlights just how remarkable it is that Ohio State actually let USC win last Saturday’s game. No offense to Matt Barkley or anything, but seriously: OSU should have won handily.

Terrelle Pryor run
(Ho hum.)

Anyway, one of the points that SMART FOOTBALL’s Chris Brown (no, not him) makes in the aforementioned article is that “one of the problems with a plan that relies on fitting square pegs into round holes is that it makes the players look really bad,” or in other words, if a player’s not put in a position to succeed, you’re not going to think he’s very good.

Perhaps, then, that’s the reason for triumphant USC coach’s Pete Carroll’s comments earlier today as he looked ahead to this week’s game against Washington, casually dismissing the notion that Pryor’s the best player his team will face in September.

Per the TWITTER feed of FOXSPORTS.COM’s Lisa Horne, who’s at a press conference with Carroll this afternoon:

Pete Carroll on Washington quarterback Jake Locker: “Terrelle is a special player, but this guy [Locker] is even more so.”

Ouch. Jake Locker is hardly a slouch, of course; when healthy, the Washington quarterback is one of the best quarterbacks in the Pac-10. He’s got plenty of highlights on YOUTUBE:

(Some are positive highlights…)

(…and some are negative.)

But one thing Locker isn’t is Terrelle Pryor; say what you will about Pryor’s effectiveness thus far in his Buckeye career, but he’s one of the most physically gifted players in Lord knows how long. He’s like Vince Young with sprinter speed. Even if Tressel is determined to keep Pryor in the pocket 2/3 of the time - because it somehow makes sense to Tressel to make your fastest player hold the ball and stand still - Pryor’s still outrageously talented enough to change games all by himself. Jake Locker won’t beat USC by himself, but Pryor damn near did.

Carroll also wasn’t quick to hail the Buckeye faithful as the best crowd he’d ever seen:

Pete Carroll on how loud Ohio Stadium was: “Tech [Virginia Tech in ‘04 at Fed-Ex Field] was louder, but maybe I can’t hear as good now.”

That’s less inflammatory than “Locker > Pryor,” of course, but in case you’ve ever met an Ohio State fan, you’d know they need only the flimsiest of perceived slights to get worked into a lather. It’s kinda what they do.

But either way, howls of indignation will fall upon deaf Southern California ears; Carroll and the Trojans just won both legs of their home-and-home with the Buckeyes, so if OSU fans have any issue with Carroll’s quotes, well, he can’t hear you over that final score. It’s so loud.