Pedroia’s 29-Year-Old Bro Booked For Molestation

Even golden boys have to deal with the harder parts of life. Need proof? Just take a look at Dustin Pedroia. Baseball’s favorite “little man who could”, Pedroia has been a non-stop good news machine since entering the league, winning Rookie of the Year and MVP honors in back-to-back seasons. Oh, and he won a World Series, too. Unfortunately for Dustin, that couldn’t keep his brother out of trouble, as 29-year-old Brett Pedroia has now been charged with child molestation, according to this report from Sacramento news station KCRA 58.

brett pedroia
(Brett Pedroia, as captured by the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE.)

Let’s be clear. These charges have nothing to do with Dustin Pedroia. He’s not accused of molesting children, hurting anyone or doing anything outside of playing a really solid second base. But that won’t be enough to keep him out of the public eye now that his brother has been accused of a significantly heinous crime.

Just listen to how Pedroia’s home town of Woodland, a Sacramento suburb, is taking the news, via THE SPORTING BLOG’s Tom Ziller. It’s as if people are in general disbelief.

Maybe they shouldn’t be. After all, every family has a crazy, mildly creepy relative. It doesn’t mean they don’t love him, and knowing Pedroia’s fiercely loyal temperament, he’s sure to defend Brett, whether he feels deep-down that he might be guilty or not.

brett pedroia 2
(More of Brett at the family tire store.)

Still, that won’t make life in Woodland any easier, as Ziller made clear:

” … The local news TV crews can’t find anyone who believes the charges; it’s like O.J. on an infinitetismally smaller scale. But the seed of doubt never goes away, and it’s proof that no matter how high above the proliteriat you rise a scandal can strike you down at any moment. Dustin isn’t responsible for his brother, but that doesn’t stop his name from leading the stories. Whoever thinks small-town life is easier for athletes or celebrities … no, it’s not.”

It’s a strong sentiment. Though some in New England might overlook this or forget that it ever happened just as soon, they won’t in Woodland. It’s not fair to the family, particularly Dustin, but that’s never going to keep a taint from allegations — whether they be true or false — from sticking to the Pedroia’s forever. That’s a sad statement about our society, or maybe just humanity in general.