Patriots Fan’s Petition Has Fallen Into Right Hands

In case you hadn’t heard yet, some Patriots fan has put together a petition asking the NFL to take a good, hard look at the final 1 minute, 40 seconds of the Super Bowl, which apparently contain some gross injustices. Like, for instance, his team lost.

This is very real (the gentleman’s name and, yes, e-mail address are at the bottom of it), and it is being delivered with haste thusly:

The Whambulance

In any event, the petition has more than 12,000 signatures already, which would have been a mixture of frightening and impressive if not for one thing.

Pretty much 60-80 percent of the recent signatures — at least those that have comments next to them — appear to have been left by people making fun of this petition, thus returning the universe to its rightful order. Many of them are not very tasteful at all. Whee!

The other 20 to 40 percent are sad, desperate New England fans. It’s win-win, really.

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