Paris Hilton Helps Ronaldo Celebrate New Riches

Cristiano Ronaldo can now buy all the pink hats & pearls he wants, as the soccer star is moving from Manchester United to Real Madrid in a $130 million deal. By scoring such a financial windfall (and relocating from soggy England to sunnier Spain), Cristiano decided to celebrate by hitting the Hollywood nightclubs last night.

Cristiano Ronaldo Paris Hilton

And which starlet did CR end up shacking up with by the end of the night? Would you believe Paris Hilton? Of course you would - it would be harder to believe that Paris wouldn’t get together with the now-richer Ronaldo.

TMZ by way of X17 ONLINE informs us that Cris & Paris were seen at the club MyHouse, making themselves very much at home:

“Cristiano and Paris were all over each other swapping spit the entire night! His table needed every waitress in the building to service the large quantities of alcohol, and he spent an excess of 20 thousand dollars on champagne and drinks.”

But the evening didn’t end there. Both Paris & Cristiano left the club around 3 a.m., apparently in separate vehicles - only to rendezvous (or as TMZ puts it, “Ron-dezvous”) at the West Hollywood abode of Paris’ sister, Nicky.

Paris Hilton meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo

(Paris arriving for Round 2 with Ronaldo)

We assume they spent the night discussing offensive schemes for Madrid’s next match against FC Barcelona. Or they just had lots of sex.

But you have to hand it to Paris. Last year, she tried to put the same moves on Ronaldo in a similar Hollywood club scenario, only to be rejected. However, if you make enough shots on goal, you’re bound to score eventually. Kudos to Paris for being persistent!