Palin Likes Chops? I’ll Stick With The Baby Backs

Greg Wyshynski, better known as PUCK DADDY at Yahoo Sports, has an epic find today. Here’s the cheerleading squad for the Iowa Chops minor league hockey team:

Baby Backs Iowa Chops Cheerleaders

Baby Backs? Rather appropriate considering all that extra meat the young ladies have falling off the bone.

Baby Backs Iowa Chops Cheerleaders Lindsay

The Chops, an American Hockey League team, held an online poll to determine the name. Suggestions that lost out: Bacon Bits, Chops Chix, Hat Tricks, Applesauce, Chopettes.

If only I could’ve figured out how to mask my IP, Applesauce would’ve won in a landslide.

So how did the Chops happen on the grand promotional idea? The poll was introduced after the team’s name attracted the attention of Sarah Palin.

Palin recognized the Chops in a campaign speech, and the team used that recognition to drum up a promotional night that included a poll on what to rename the squad, previously known as “The Ice Girls.” (No Ann Coulter was the inspiration for the original name.)

Baby Backs Iowa Chops Cheerleaders Abby

Yeah, the girls aren’t all that wonderful, but there’s always next year’s “audtion”:

Baby Backs Iowa Chops Cheerleaders