Football Coach Attacks 8-Year-Old on Other Team

Ahhh. Coach-on-opposing-player violence that involves a grown man and a young child is just about as a refreshing thing as there comes in America these days. Seriously, who doesn’t love to read about some adult going bonkers on a kid during a youth sports contest? Oh, of course. Everyone.

Ferrell coach

Which makes Kyle Cantz the biggest loser in America on Monday, when the story that he chokeslammed some eight-year-old starts to make the rounds. FOX NEWS in Philly assaults the airwaves with the news, including a video interview with Isiah Johnson and his dad Jonathan, that Cantz is currently roaming the streets despite being arrested.

Well, I say “roaming” like he’s predatory, and that’s not really fair. The only indication that Cantz is some sort of bad person is him slinging swearwords at an eight-year-old while gripping the child’s facemask. Which, incidentally, is just nearly enough for the classification.

Jonathan Johnson said Cantz grabbed his son, Isiah, who plays as apart of the Jersey Pines, threw him to the ground and held him down by the face mask. This occurred after Cantz became upset over a play on the field.

“They were playing in the scrimmage and at the end of the play, he came up to my son, threw him on the ground and grabbed him by the face mask and threatened him,” said Johnson, the victim’s father.

(What did he say to him? asked Fox 29 reporter Nefertiti Jaquez) “He said, ‘If you ever do that again, he’ll break his ******* neck,’” said Johnson …

Meantime, a fuming father who’s just thankful that his son is okay, believes Cantz should be banned from coaching forever. “It was very bad. It was a poor example, and this guy does not need to be coaching. He doesn’t need to be involved with kids in any way.”

Cantz was charged with assault at a youth sporting event and terroristic threats. He was processed and released on $5,000 bond. He is expected in court on September 3.

I don’t disagree with the anger on the dad’s side, but “banned from coaching forever”? That’s all? How about “5-to-1,000,000 years of anger management” or “prison”? He freaked on an eight-year-old, man. He’d be lucky to walk out of the parking lot if my dad happened to be watching that, or if I happened to attend the football events of the as-yet-unacknowledged lil’ Brinsons and saw that go down.

Also, since this is a news station, I’m going to assume (ass, you, me, I know) that those charges — “assault at a youth sporting event” and “terroristic threats” are accurate. And if so, is that really the best that the DA working this case could pull? I mean, the guy’s a 31-year-old youth football coach, he’s not swinging Johnny Cochran on his side, so slam him with something ridiculous like “attempted manslaughter” (which maybe be oxymoronic, but whatever), and let him squirm his way down to a lesser charge that doesn’t involve something silly like a $5,000 bond.

Violence is one of the by-products of our society. I get that. We’re mean-spirited sometimes. But that doesn’t mean that we should allow people who freak out on little children at midget league football games to get off easy. That’s not an area I’m okay with any number of strikes working out other than one. Lock Muschamp Jr. up for a few months and see what kind of a jerk he is to little children after that.