Olympians Using More Condoms Than We Thought

Maybe it’s the lack of a viable internet connection in Beijing, but it seems there’s been a veritable cloud of mystery surrounding the most important Olympic issue of 2008: How many freaking condoms are getting handed out?

Olympic Condoms

It’s what we all want to know, and fortunately Mike Hayes at STEADY-BURN wraps it up succinctly with the news that it was not 100,000 as originally thought, but actually almost a half million condoms distributed in Olympic village. Bow-chicka-wow-wow.

The news of the rubber factory is particularly weird given that Olympic Village apparently has a fairly conservative nature about it.

“About 400,000 free condoms have been distributed [by the Beijing Health Bureau] to 119 contract hotels of the Olympic Games to ensure that safe sex takes place during the fortnight-long event…Xinhua quoted Jin Dapend [Beijing Health Bureau’’s Party chief] as saying that condoms had been put in over 90,000 rooms of 424 hotels rated three stars and above.”

How nice of them to look out for the cheapskates too, by not concentrating any condoms in one or two start hotels.

Of course, on the other hand, this could simply be the Beijing Olympic Committee’s reaction to the news that Lindsay Lohan is on the prowl for Michael Phelps should she catch him before he can make it to Utah with Amanda Beard and Lily Donaldson in tow.