Olympian Lolo Jones’ Pic From ESPN ‘Body Issue’

More and more pictures are being leaked from ESPN THE MAGAZINE’s well-hyped “The Body Issue,” most notably cover models Gina Carano, Serena Williams, and amputee triathlete Sarah Reinertsen. And though the cleavage-heavy pictures of Carano and Williams (to say nothing of the heavy beefcake of Adrian Peterson and Dwight Howard) are certainly titillating, it seems that the magazine’s focus for the issue is going beyond mere cheap sex appeal.

Cropped Lolo Jones

That’s Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones, best known for being one hurdle away from gold in the Beijing Games. She’s also in the issue, and though she cuts a striking figure, we can’t put all of it above the fold for limited-buttcrack-related reasons. You can see her larger picture after the break. Her contribution to the issue, while not as high-profile as the cover athletes, has its own measure of controversy–not the least of which is the revelation about her weight. Looking at Jones’ gaunt face and lithe frame, what do you suppose it is?

The answer, according to Des Moines’ (her hometown) WHO TV 13, is probably substantially higher than you expected:

The stunning picture of Lolo is part of a “bodies we want” section. Jones tells our Keith Murphy, she was very concerned about posing nude, and was initially against it.

However, she decided she would do it if she could take a tasteful picture that would send young girls the message they don’t have to be skinny or starve themselves. The 5 foot 9 inch Jones says she weighs 160 pounds. She knows that number surprises people, but muscle weighs more than fat, and Lolo has a lot of muscle, and next to no fat.

Lolo Jones Slightly Cropped
(See the complete picture HERE)

Yes, that is 160 pounds. There are successful, muscular men in both wrestling and boxing who weigh substantially lesser than Jones (though, to be fair, many are shorter than her too), but they’re not sprinting. After all, male sprinters like Usain Bolt are physical freaks of nature, but one thing they are not is light; Bolt weighs in around 190, which instinctively seems like it’s 30 pounds too many for an Olympic runner until you think about how much a space shuttle weighs and what it’s tasked with doing.

All that aside, Jones’ picture seems to be one of the most elegant we’ve seen, even if she weren’t standing next to the wall of an Olive Garden. She may be 160 pounds, but she makes that buck sixty work. We’re not dumping on curvy women at all - Exhibit A, of course - but there’s something to be said for a naturally athletic figure untainted by bad nutritional habits.

Oh, and ESPN, if you wanted our attention, well met messieurs et mesdames; you’ve got it in full. This is awesome. All of it. More please.