Ole Miss BBall Coach Pleads Guilty in Assault Case

Last December, Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy was back in his old stomping grounds of Cincinnati, where he had previously taken over the Bearcats on an interim basis after Bob Huggins bugged out. And during his visit, Kennedy saw some old friends - and made new enemies, after he was arrested for cursing out & assaulting a cabbie.

Andy Kennedy Ole Miss basketball coach

It became such a shocking & embarrassing story that Andy’s wife Kimber actually countersued the cabbie, claiming that the ordeal had taken its toll on the Kennedys’ sex life. Well, Mrs. K, get ready from some hot ‘n’ heavy conjugal cuddling with your hubby, as Andy has pleaded guilty in the case.

Ah, but it’s not quite what you think. As the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER reports, Andy Kennedy pleaded guilty to charges of disorderly conduct in the alleged attack on cab driver Mohammed Moctar Jiddou. However, as one of Kennedy’s lawyers points out, that doesn’t mean Andy admits to any assault:

Mike Allen, Kennedy’s lawyer in the criminal case, said the coach “vehemently denies” he struck or used racial slurs against Jiddou.

Kennedy pleaded guilty to a “verbal altercation which escalated into an” incident that didn’t involve slurs or violence, Allen added. “He did not strike Mr. Jiddou.”

No, he didn’t - as far as the criminal courts are concerned. But there’s still a matter of the civil suits filed by Jiddou and valet Michael Strother, who witnessed Andy’s alleged assault. And there’s also the lawsuits filed by Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy against Jiddou & Strother for defamation of character. So Allen & pals will definitely be keeping themselves busy for the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, Kennedy still has to pay for his brow-beating behavior. The coach was sentenced to six months probation, a $100 fine plus additional court cost, and will have to perform 40 hours of community service.

On the plus side, Ole Miss AD Pete Boone says that Kennedy will still get to keep his job, although the incident means the Rebels won’t add an extra year to the coach’s current four-year contract. But that could always change down the road, as long as Andy takes the bus for now on - and obeys the signs that say not to talk or verbally abuse the driver.