Oh, So This Was Why Rich Rodriguez Was Crying

I was wondering what possibly could have been in the water supply yesterday as first Bill Belichick, and then Rich Rodriguez began crying during their respective press conferences. Could the Michigan coach really be that broken up over allegations that he’s violating NCAA practice rules?

Rich Rodriguez

Then comes news that our maize-and-blue man in charge is being sued for a condominium deal gone sour in Blacksburg, Virginia. And not only that, Rich was recently served a summons right in the Wolverine football offices. Yeah, that always makes me cry.

Rodriguez is one of a group of five coaches who are being sued for defaulting on a real-estate loan to build high-end condos near Virginia Tech’s Lane Stadium, with Nexity Bank claiming that they owe $3.9 million including interest and penalties.


Rodriguez was served a summons and complaint in his football office at 5:27 p.m. on Aug. 24, court papers show. Michigan practiced earlier in the day.

Rodriguez’s financial advisor, Mike Wilcox, released a statement through Michigan spokesperson Dave Ablauf late Monday, saying Rodriguez is the victim of a real-estate Ponzi scheme.

“Several other coaches and prominent individuals are involved in this transaction that was initiated in 2004,” Wilcox said. “This is a personal issue, and as Coach Rodriguez’s financial advisor, I and his legal counsel will be handling this matter moving forward. We are evaluating legal actions and solutions since the promoter of the scheme is currently awaiting trial on criminal charges.”

Or hey, maybe Rodriguez is totally upset over his own little offseason Ponzi scheme, in which some current and former players have stepped forward to say that his voluntary practices are anything but. Rodriguez addressed those charges Monday.

Yes Michigan parents, the Wolverine coaching staff will even take your son to church. Provided that church is at the top of a steep hill, and your son carries a 75-pound bag of sand on the way up.

But today is another day, and the Sports Celebrity Crying Threat Index has been downgraded to yellow. I repeat, yellow. Please plan your activities accordingly.

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