Official: Claudia Lampe Hottest Female Baller Ever

Here’s some new full-size(!) photos of former UTEP basketball player Claudia Lampe Porras you haven’t seen. We’ve debated if she’s the hottest female hoops player of all time, and these new, full-size shots of her, in my opinion, confirm that.

Claudia Lampe Porras Bolivian UTEP basketball player

Having covered women’s college hoops in the SEC for a few years, I recognize that there are probably some obscure players out there who could match her. But if those persons don’t have a high enough profile on the court for me to be aware of them, then they don’t merit consideration. (That said, send me shots of those players if you know of any in Claudia’s league.)

Claudia Lampe Porras Bolivian UTEP basketball player

After taking a hiatus from modeling for her hoops career at UTEP and as a pro briefly Denmark, I’m happy to report that Claudia is back where she belongs: on the runway in Bolivia.

I’ve got more of Claudia coming, including video and a rather mindblowing development.

Claudia Lampe Porras Bolivian UTEP basketball player

Claudia Lampe Porras Bolivian UTEP basketball player

I’m shocked Claudia didn’t at the very least end up a WNBA team token to goose a promotional poster or six.

As embarrassingly bad play as WNBA play is, you’re telling me one team can’t spare 15-hundy a month to have her pretty things up, which might lure fans like me in for a look-see? But the league doesn’t want to recognize that someone like Claudia is really the one reason a male or female fan would watch a league game en masse.

WNBA is no different for the American sports fan than MLS. Perhaps you could argue that ,in some sort of alternate universe-created context, the games are played at a high level. But to U.S. sports fans, that’s irrelevant. Just like being the best American badminton player - and $6 - will get you a vente sugar-free vanilla chai at Starbucks.

WNBA will never make it into the mainstream viewing habits of men and women because its not something our culture places value on. Just like MLS.

Beauty on the other hand, is something we will always care about. Which is why the WNBA whiffed on bringing in someone like Claudia. But when you have an enabler like David Stern handing you hundreds of millions in free money, why care about what people really want?