Barry ‘Guarantees’ New White House Hoops Court

Bob Kravitz of the INDIANAPOLIS STAR has some fun news from the presidential campaign trail - direct from the mouth of Barry Obama.

As none of you may know, Richard Nixon built a bowling alley in the basement of the White House during his truncated tenure on Pennsylvania Avenue. Barry bowled a 37 earlier this week, so safe to say that at best, the alley would go unused during his possible presidential tenure.

Now apparently certain of his election, Kravitz reports that Barry already has his own plans for new athletic facilities at the White House.

If Sen. Barack Obama is elected president, he will replace the bowling alley with something more suitable to his tastes: a basketball court. “There’s not only a chance (that he’ll have one built), but it’s a guarantee,” Obama said Monday on WFNI 1070 The Fan.

It’s a virtual certainty that Barry will indeed get that court is built. Much like it’s a virtual certainty his first guests will include your 2009 NBA Champions: The Memphis Grizzlies.

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