NYP Scares Out Brady’s Hair Restoration Doctor

Today the NEW YORK POST employed its dirty tricks department, the folks at PAGE SIX, to use whatever means possible to embarrass Tom Brady while he visits their fine city.

Tom Brady Balding

While stalking following the QB (who is in town to see girlfriend of the moment Gisele Bundchen), Post minions observed Brady entering a medical building.

Excerpt: “PageSix.com first called the podiatrist (for his suspect right foot), but the receptionist there said, “No, he wasn’t here. PageSix.com then called the chiropractic practice, but the receptionist there said, “No, he didn’t come in.”

Finally the Post (oops, make the PageSix DOT COM) called a hair replacement doctor in the same building.

Excerpt: “Finally, PageSix.com phoned AMD Lab USA, a trichologist (that’s hair restoration specialist, as in, for someone who is losing theirs), and was told, very pointedly, ‘No comment.’

Gisele Bundchen Bikini Photo Miami Beach

We’ve always wondered, why do high profile athletes chase celebrity tail? We know Bundchen has a hot, um, body, but is it really worth it? Same with Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush.

We refuse to feel sorry for those guys. There are plenty of women just as hot, if not hotter, who won’t cause some borderline homeless person to follow you into the pharmacy.