NYAD FOR NUDIES: Former U.S. swimmer Diana N…

NYAD FOR NUDIES: Former U.S. swimmer Diana Nyad in a NEW YORK TIMES Op/Ed wrote she preferred the PLAYBOY nude pictorial of 12 Olympic athletes over FHM’s clothed "Sexy Olympic Special."

Nyad was "disheartened" by FHM’s offering but wrote the September issue of Playboy features "12 elegant, full-page photographs of female Olympians who are decidedly more athletic than they are sexy. Or, rather, they are both athletic and sexy –- the new sexy."

I wonder if this comment from Beard in the FHM piece had something to do with Nyad’s sentiments: "I wear a two-piece a lot to train in, and I wedge it right up my butt. We swim like we’re Brazilian swimmers: We have it up our asses."

Stanley Crouch of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS also pens a piece on the Olympic posers with the headline: "Porn A Leap Backward For Olympic Women."

Crouch: "The whorishness that now passes itself off as female liberation is one of the most unexpected aspects of culture in our time."