Nu’Keese And Jarvis Byrd Enjoy Priceless Moment

You may remember former Tennessee Volunteer football player Nu’Keese Richardson. The freshman wide receiver was kicked off the team after police arrested him last November for attempted armed robbery.

Nu'Keese Richardson At Wal-Mart

Though he was given a three-year prison sentence for his crime, if he violates his court-ordered probation he will likely go to prison. No longer a student at Tennessee, Richardson has since transferred to I-AA Hampton (VA) University to try to reclaim his once-promising football career.

Jarvis Byrd at Wal-Mart

(Jarvis Byrd)

Richardson played high school ball with current N.C. State defensive back Jarvis Byrd, who was generally regarded as the Wolfpack’s top high school recruit in 2009. It turns out the two are still friends, if video linked today from Richardson’s personal Twitter account is any indication.

Nu'Keese Richardson At Wal-Mart

(Nu’Keese Richardson)

Richardson, Byrd and former Pahokee high school classmate Kaalum Williams are all shown on that video making an apparent late-night visit to Wal-Mart. There’s no indication when the video was originally shot.

Kaalum Williams at Wal-Mart

(Kaalum Williams)

I’ve transcribed a portion of their comments while they shopped for t-shirts. The video audio is extremely not safe for work and is riddled with homosexual slurs by Richardson, so be warned.

Kaluum Williams: “Yo, we’re in the store man ...”

Jarvis Byrd: (looking into camera) “Go steal the bish (bitch) shirt.”

Kaluum Williams: “Yo, we’re in the store, we’re in Wal-Mart …

Jarvis Byrd: “Late night shift.”

Kaluum Williams: “Late night shift, it’s 12 O’Clock.”

Few seconds later…

Jarvis Byrd: “Hey where the t-shirts at?”

Kaluum Williams: “They’re over here son.”

Jarvis Byrd: “You sure?”

Kaluum Williams: “Yeah.

Byrd rips open t-shirt package while looking around.

Kaalum Williams: “Come on I’ll pay for that man.

Jarvis Byrd: “No man.

Kaalum Williams: “Yes man.

Jarvis Byrd: “No.

Kaalum Williams: (looking into camera) “We’re not stealing ladies so don’t go telling coach on us.

Nu’Keese Richardson: “We’re just borrowing that sh–, my nigga gonna return that sh–.

Jarvis Byrd: (laughs as he puts on t-shirt.)

Nu’Keese Richardson: (laughing) “I guess not, f— it nigga.

A month ago, Jason Lieser of PALM BEACH POST profiled Richardson. Excerpt:

Former Pahokee football star Nu’Keese Richardson sat afraid and alone, staring at the brick walls of a Knox County jail cell.

Realizing that his once-promising career was sliding into oblivion, he prayed to his deceased mother and to God for a second chance.

Now he has it.

Richardson was so prized at Pahokee High that major college coaches such as Florida’s Urban Meyer and Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin fought over him before he ultimately chose the Volunteers. He attained celebrity at Tennessee the moment he stepped on campus last summer, but his image crumbled when the school kicked him out after police arrested him for attempted armed robbery in November.

At 19, he is trying to launch a comeback at Hampton University, a small, Division I-AA college near Virginia’s Atlantic coast. With a three-year prison sentence looming if he violates his court-ordered probation, Richardson knows he cannot slip again. He also knows his path to the NFL is steeper than ever.

Still, he is ecstatic about this opportunity. In his first full interview since his arrest, he recently sat at an oak conference table in Hampton’s football office and discussed everything from his troubled childhood to his hopes of dominating the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference as a wide receiver.

His tone was peaceful and his eyes showed his enthusiasm as he talked about reclaiming what once seemed to be a boundless future.

“Right now, my head’s good,” he said. “I’m in love with Hampton. I’m growing up now. I’ve been through a lot of things in life and it’s really opened my eyes. It’s bigger than just football right now.

“If you slip, it all can be gone just like that,” he added, snapping his fingers.

The scary part about Richardson’s Wal-Mart video is that this isn’t even his worse case of misjudgement in public. He’s is the same guy who wore Tennessee athletic gear during his armed robbery attempt of a convenience store in Knoxville in November.

If today’s video linked from Richardson’s personal Twitter account is any indication, he and Byrd still have some serious growing up to do.