Nude Curling Calendar Still Selling Like Hot Rocks

Several years ago, a group of women curlers decided on a surefire way to gain attention for their sport: lots of flesh. They posed for a Women of Curling calendar which featured some of the more attractive broomers (or stone throwers or whatever they do) sans clothing. The calendar has become a yearly fundraiser for various charities, with the 2009 edition featuring some of the spiciest photos yet.

Women of Curling nude calendar cover

And the EDMONTON SUN says that- shockingly - calendars with hot women in various states of undress happen to be very popular. They report that this year’s calendar has sold about 2,000 copies since it was released in September, a very good number for a non-Olympic year.

(Photos of the curling cuties after the jump)

One of the reasons for its success, according to the creator of the calendar? The popularity of some of the Canadian curlers/models:

Christine Keshen is back wearing a hat and not much else,” said Karrys. “It’s a very nice hat.”

Yes, I’m sure the people buying the calendar are very excited about the hats. Needless to say, most guys wouldn’t mind tossing their stones through these women’s hog lines, if you catch my drift? (You don’t? The hog line is the blue line that represents the…never mind, just look it up on Wikipedia.)

Now if only we can get the women in other sports to decide they need attention as much as women’s curling. Tennis seems to be under appreciated. And for the purposes of this discussion, I would definitely consider college cheerleading a sport.

And now thanks to SCANNER (possibly NSFW), here’s a selection of shots of some of the sweeping sweeties (click on the pics for larger versions):

Women of Curling calendar girl

Women of Curling calendar girl

Women of Curling calendar girl

Women of Curling calendar girl