Now We Can Go Back To Posting Sut’s Drunk Vid

Great news from the ASSOCIATED PRESS today, as Rick Sutcliffe is kicking cancer’s ass and will be back in the booth tonight: “Sutcliffe returns to the broadcast booth Wednesday for the Atlanta Braves- New York Mets game, his first as an ESPN analyst since being diagnosed with colon cancer during spring training.”

Rick Sutcliffe

The 51-year-old Sutcliffe is on the road to recovery. He was strong enough to undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments at the same time, speeding up the process, and is hopeful of getting a clean bill of health after surgery on June 16.

When I was running a radio station in KC, I met with Sutcliffe (breakfast at Perkins!) about working with us. He was a great guy, a cool, ol’ lug who likes to have his fun (obviously). And with that dratted cancer out of the way, I can go back to posting the well-worn video of him drunk in the booth (link after the jump).

Link here (no youtube, it’d get deleted in a heartbeat).

Honestly, how fun was that vid? And how was that so different than Harry Caray every day for the last five years of his broadcast career?