Not Again! UO Kicker Charged With Female Assault

Yet another notch on the police blotter for the Oregon football team, as the OREGON DAILY EMERALD reports today:

Rob Beard Tavia Joe Ames Maurice Peterson

Oregon placekicker Rob Beard, 19, of Fullerton, Calif., was charged with fourth-degree assault by the Eugene Police Department on Tuesday because of his role in an incident on January 24.

According to Eugene police spokesperson Melinda Kletzok, the charge is a misdemeanor and not considered a felony. Beard has been cited in lieu of custody, which means he will not report to jail but rather attend a mandatory court appearance.

The assault charge stems from an altercation Beard had with Tavia Jo Ames, 19, of Eugene. Kletzok could not comment as to the exact nature of the altercation.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Beard’s alleged victim James is Facebook friends with Maurice Peterson. Peterson happens to be one of the men who later (allegedly) rearranged Beard’s face.

As we bath in the nasty aftermath of today’s LaMichael James domestic abuse allegation, the pending alleged theft case of Jeremiah Masoli and Garrett Embry, and LeGarrette Blount’s ugly display last season in Boise, I think it may be time to give Oregon football a new nickname:

I think Oregon may have sufficiently qualified for a single-letter moniker once also assigned to the Miami Hurricanes. Wonder how “The O.” strikes LaMichael and LeGarrette?